Friends of the Estuary Coastal Care Group (Lytham) - original graphic copyright


  • Education is part of the group's aims and objectives, so they engage with the public whilst picking and pass on their message.
  • As part of the citizenship classes at a local high school, they accompany the sand dune officer, employed by the Wildlife Trust and Fylde Borough Council, and link in with her talk. They explain how litter affects our environment and wildlife. This has proved a great success for both the school and our group.
  • They are also involved with a local primary school. Whilst the pupils were on a visit to the local windmill and museum, the group showed them the estuary and talked about litter and the problems it can cause.
  • More talks at other schools are planned for 2012.
  • When asked by the local branch of the Fat Face national clothing company they provided a window display, with an environmental theme, to inform and educate the public.
  • They have spoken on Radio Lancashire four times to spread their word.
  • By highlighting the problems that balloon races cause to wildlife, with the help of the Marine Conservation Society the group have been instrumental in stopping balloon races organised by the R.N.L.I. nationally.
  • Talks are regularly given to local groups and societies.