Friends of the Estuary Coastal Care Group (Lytham) - original graphic copyright

Why we need to do it

  • 100,00 Marine Animals (including turtles and seals) are killed by entanglement, e.g. nets, lines and plastic bags.
  • Plastic litter is killing a million sea birds each year worldwide.
  • 50 years ago all sea litter (Flotsam) was biodegradable, these days 90% of it is PLASTIC!
  • Plastic could take up to 460 years to break down when it will return to its original form, as when chemically processed, known as a nurdle. You may see nurdles , tiny beads of coloured plastic, when you visit the beach. These will be preproduction nurdles which have escaped during transit around the world.
  • The Pacific Garbage Patch is an area twice the size of France, between Australia and Western America in the Pacific Ocean where millions of tons of plastic rubbish congregates in the Gyres (large rotating currents). It is 10 meters deep and outweighs plankton 6 times.
  • Broken glass is dangerous for any user of the beach.

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